Gina M. Bennett has led teams of experts in the most important counterterrorism intelligence of our time. Unknown by the public until the release of her book, Ms. Bennett has worked behind the scenes to help ensure our national security for over 30 years.
Below is a collection of unclassified documents (all of these documents can be found online) and the media response.

Some of the analysis in which Ms. Bennett was involved:

August 1993 — The Wandering Mujahidin: Armed and Dangerous [PDF] The original 1993warning of Osama Bin Laden and the "jihadist movement" he represented, authored by Gina Bennett
July 1996 — Terrorism/Usama bin Ladin: Who's Chasing Whom? [PDF] Most recently discussed: Judicial Watch Obtains Newly Declassified Information from State Department regarding Osama bin Laden August 20, 2008
1999-2000 – Gina Bennett was on staff of the National Commission on Terrorism – also known as the Bremmer Commission.
August 2005 New York Times State Dept. Says It Warned About bin Laden in 1996 by Eric Lichtblau who calls Bennett's analysis "a prescient warning"
April 2006 Declassified Key Judgments of the National Intelligence Estimate "Trends in Global Terrorism: Implications for the United States" [PDF]
The media went crazy over this... NYT, NPR, MSNBC, White House response to media, Arianna Huffington in her book Right is Wrong sums it up...“In April 2006 a National Intelligence Estimate was released, that, in a single document, did the media's job for them. The story of the year was served up on a silver platter.” (p.28)
Gina Bennett was the Subject Matter Expert Adviser for The Future of Terrorism Task Force in June 2006 which produced: U.S. Homeland Security Advisory Council Future Of TerrorismTask Force [PDF]
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